A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

We are a small importing coffee company with AMBITIOUS goals.

A passion for quality and creativity

Our approach to the coffee experience: quality, nuance, and care –

Quality First:

We are uncompromising when it comes to sourcing and how we approach pre and post harvesting. Every bean and every cup matters.

Transparency and Traceability

We work directly with coffee producers and share that openly. We build trust through transparency.

Ethical and Agricultural Sustainability

We aim to find partners who share our consideration for coffee producers and the forested lands that produce our coffee.

Connection and Community

Specialty coffee brings people together. We foster human connections through collaboration, passion for excellence and the intrinsic motivation to strive toward the pinnacle of quality.

Innovation and Craftsmanship

We continuously refine our techniques to highlight the unique traits of each species and varieties.

Vietnamese Heritage

We work with what we have and turn disadvantages into possibilities.

“Vietnamese coffee has developed a reputation for being cheap and abundant. The focus on maximizing yields and efficiency has led to a commoditization of the product.” – That needs to change.

Rae Tran

Co-Founder, Karmic Circle Coffee Trading

Our Offering Philosophy

100% Vietnamese micro lots, Producers-base, Clients-base, Seasonality

Our Collective Shipment

  • Want to consolidate your coffee with us? We got you covered.
  • If you purchase the coffees from us. Please see our structure pricing.
  • Learn more: Forward Buying Contract

After picking, coffee cherries will be resorted again before heading to wet milling.

Java variety

Our Coffee Selection:

  • Canephora: TR varieties and others.
  • Java
  • Liberica

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