Forward Buying Contract

1. What is the minimum order? 
150kg (5 bags of 30kg) 
2When is the best time for me to pre-order my green coffee?
From August through October each year.
 3. What is a Forward Buying Contract?
It allows roasters commit to purchase their coffees in advance, but only if specified quality standards are met upon delivery.
Thus final purchase is: Subject to Approval of Sample
You set the criteria. We will then confer with our farming partners to ensure we can meet your needs.
 4. Why choose the Forward Buying Contract? 
Predictability for all. 
You the buyer will get precisely what you desire.
In turn, farmers will be able to budget for production to meet your demands.
With a Forward Buying Contract, they can even get bank financing to enhance their operations-something that otherwise may not be available.
In short Forward Buying creates a virtuous cycle, year to year.
5. How Collective Shipment Works
A buyer whose order comprises 50%+ of order total will pay 5 percent in commission to the KCCT shipping network.
A buyer in the 20-50% range will pay 10 percent.
And buyers under 20% will pay 15 percent.
There are hundreds of hours of work that go into getting the beans stateside, so we hope these rate seem fair.