About us

Our Aims:

We lead KCCT with the mindset of “finding fault with the default”, and we want to take the initiative to understand why things are the way they are, and figure out what it will take to unlock the powerhouse potential of Vietnam in the Specialty Sector. It’s easy to follow what others are doing, selling style as substance. But to pursue questions without easy answers, we’ve spent our own capital and learned from experts, to investigate what can be done to enhance quality, increase production capacity and lessen costs. All the  while improving the livelihoods of those whose careful hands and keen eyes ensure every bean meets our customers exacting standards.

How we approach Quality in coffee.

Producing quality coffee is a process. And that process involves progression. It is an important concept because it provides a framework for understanding how we can achieve mastery and excellence in producing high quality coffee.

At its core, quality progression refers to the process of continuous improvement, deep learning, and striving to reach higher levels of performance or understanding. It is rooted in the belief that with motivation, effort and practice, we all have the potential to grow and get better over time.

The notion of quality progression recognizes that true mastery is not easily attained, but rather is the result of an ongoing journey of learning and self-development. It requires us to be intrinsically motivated, to find relevance and meaning in what we are learning, and to let that knowledge become an integral part of our identity. Creativity also plays a key role, as we build upon our expertise to generate novel ideas and processing innovations.

This concept is applicable to all facets of life, whether in academics, sports, arts, or producing good coffee. By adopting a mindset of quality progression, we can break through plateaus to reach new heights of achievement. The pages ahead will further explore the key components of quality progression and why it leads to fulfillment and excellence when embraced fully.

Our interests in changing “bad” reputation of Vietnamese Robusta. 

Vietnamese coffee has developed a reputation for being cheap and abundant. The focus on maximizing yields and efficiency has led to a commoditization of the product. Many Vietnamese coffee producers feel pressure to produce as much coffee as possible, without much regard for quality or sustainability.

This has resulted in Vietnamese robusta coffee beans being viewed as a commodity crop, valued more for the quantity that can be produced rather than the quality. Robusta beans naturally contain more caffeine and have a more bitter taste compared to the more prized arabica beans. With an emphasis on higher yields, Vietnamese robusta is seen as a “cheap” coffee option. 

Additionally, Vietnam has become one of the top coffee producing countries in terms of volume. In some years it has produced over 30 million 60kg bags of coffee, trailing only Brazil and Colombia in total output. This mass production of coffee reinforces the view that Vietnamese coffee is a high-yield, cheap product rather than a craft beverage. While Vietnam does produce some specialty and gourmet coffee, the overall reputation of Vietnamese coffee is that of an inexpensive, mass-produced commodity for export. Changing this perception and improving quality requires better growing practices and more focus on flavor and sustainability rather than just maximizing production.

We are passionate about lifting Vietnamese coffee quality out of its perception as a mediocre, homogenized coffee region.

Join Us! 

Daniel and Rae (Co-Founders of Karmic Circle Coffee Trading)