Culture: Rae’s Perspective.

After years of historical divide, Vietnam and the United States of America have the opportunity to come together over coffee. Being Vietnamese and an American citizen, I am in the unique position to bridge the two cultures and markets.  I am not a stranger jumping into a foreign market – I know what we have in Vietnam, I speak the language, I have the connections, and I welcome the opportunity to put my knowledge back into the country that raised me.  Through interviews with older and younger generations of Vietnamese people, I have seen how the rift between the two countries since the Vietnam War is rapidly closing, and I want to play an active part in that coming together.

Coffee can help us do that. Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer (after Brazil) and with new measures in place, like at Karmic Circle Coffee, the quality is superb.  The renaissance of Vietnam’s production and quality should have Vietnamese people at the helm, and in my unique position I can bring the benefits of this new era to the U.S. for you to enjoy


Now, you can truly rely on the quality of coffee coming from Vietnam.  Roasters in the U.S. have faced challenges with reliable sources of green Vietnamese coffee in the past, but standards and protocols are changing in Vietnam and  I am leading that charge with quality-controlled Robusta coffee. After exploring the coffee of Vietnam diligently, we were shocked at the gap between the delicious cups we tasted and the beans that made it to the U.S.. With my unique opportunity to bridge the markets and cultures, we decided we could do something about it. We only work with producers who demonstrate the same sense of commitment to quality that we have, and we use our close connections with Stone Village Laban in-country partner of Coffee Quality Institute in the United States of America, to provide close monitoring of the production of this specialty coffee and ensure that there are no signs of defects.

Only the top 10% of coffee qualifies as specialty, and our green coffee exceeds quality expectations with 83 points and above.  Let us bring you the hidden gem of high-quality coffee from the most fertile coffee growing region in the Central Highland of Vietnam.


Everything we do is open to you. We report all of our accounting information, from our interactions with the farmers to our U.S. operations. Our prices reflect our commitment to the farmers that we work with, our role as a sustainable partner in the growth of Vietnam as it becomes known for its quality products, and our resolve to help U.S. markets access Vietnamese specialty coffee. We travels every year to visit the sources and buys the single origin coffee at farm-gate prices while checking on the livelihoods of the farmers we works with. With feet on the ground at the source and personal connections to the land, we take our responsibility in this role very seriously and make a fair arrangement for everyone involved. We also believe in holding ourselves accountable for every decision we make, which is why full transparency is at the core of this company. 

Thank you for taking interests in us

Daniel and Rae (Co-Founders of Karmic Circle Coffee Trading)