Why Coffee?

In addition to Vietnam being the second world largest coffee producer , We choose coffee because of the fascinating differences between coffee cultures in Vietnam and in the United States.  Just like many of you, we, too, used to be coffee consumers with little knowledge of the process leading to a good cup of coffee. We now know that brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires understanding the relationships between coffee bean processing, milling, grinding and brewing methods and equipment. Having learned about this fascinating process, we wanted to bring this awareness to the consumer

The Vietnamese coffee drinking experience is a leisurely social opportunity for friends to sip and chat in a coffee house at any time of day. Coming to America, Rae found that many Americans make their own coffee, especially in the mornings to fuel themselves for a busy day ahead; the contrast is intriguing.

We embarked on the enviable task of tasting the many varieties of Vietnamese coffee. We located the source of the finest coffee cherries in Vietnam’s temperate Highlands, the most fertile coffee growing region in the world.

Our motivation is to create an exclusively Viet Specialty Coffee Network, that met the qualities that Specialty roasters are aligned with. This network is intentionally built from an insider’s point of view. 

Do you offer green coffee wholesale or retail?

We only offer green coffee wholesale. Please get in touch, so we can discuss further. 


Please email rae@karmiccirclecoffeetrading.com for more detail. 

When does Vietnamese green coffee ship?

Usually, 2-3 months after the harvest. 

Vietnamese coffee harvest season begins in Oct and ends in February.

How can I purchase green coffee from you?

Every year, we take pre-order green coffee of the new crop between August to December. Deposit is required. 

What happens after I pre-order?

We will send you a sample that you wish to purchase and a Subjects to Approval of Sample contract (SAS contract). 

What is a SAS contract?

A SAS contract is based on a quality specification and a price. You agree on profile and the prices and we will deliver exactly that. 

We offer two terms: 

Subject to Approval of Sample Replacement: we send you a sample before shipment. if you cup it and it fails. You can then request a replacement that matches the quality and price stated in the contract. 

Subject to Approval of Pre-Shipment Sample: we send you a sample. You cup and approve or reject on the basis of the pre-shipment sample. 

Please email rae@karmiccirclecoffeetrading.com for more detail. 


I'd like to purchase small quantity of green coffee. What is the minimum? 

Minimum is 150 kg (3x30kg bags) for Robusta and 180 (3 of 60kgs) for Arabica orders

All green coffee is stored in grain pro bags and are covered by burlaps outside.

Will I be able to request a green coffee samples before order?

Absolutely. You can request a green samples. However, please notes that this coffee will come directly from Vietnam and shipping fee is not included. 

What is your seller's philosophy?

We have established a direct relationship with these coffee producers who we are currently working with. 

We offer: producer-based, relationship, quality-oriented specialty coffee. 

How many coffee producers are you working with?

We are currently working with three.