ROBUSTA – The Ancient Grain Of The Coffee World And The Future Of The Coffee Industry.

And The Mother Crop Of All Modern Coffee Beans…Without Robusta, there would be no Arabica. Below is the differences between two species: Coffea Arabica:     
The primary species of coffee commercially cultivated for consumption, accounting for approximately 60% of worldwide production. Coffea Canephora (Robusta)
Robusta coffee has historically been considered inferior to Arabica coffee and subsequently not enjoyed the same price premiums and motivation for quality improvement seen in the specialty Arabica market. Much of Robusta’s poor market reputation, however, is as the result of correctable defects in cultivation and processing rather than qualities inherent to the species.
C. canephora is diploid and self-sterile, producing many different forms and varieties in the wild. The identification of cultivars is confused, but two main forms are recognized:
• ‘Robusta’ – upright forms
• ‘Nganda’ – spreading forms
Our Fine Robusta is the first Vietnamese coffee certified in the U.S.
Sources: Uganda Coffee Development Authority + Coffee Quality Institute. 


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