Green Coffee Program

Vietnamese specialty coffee is a very small niche within the coffee enthusiasts’ world. Each new harvest brings tremendous opportunities to enhance the flavors and aromas that result from understanding how each of the numerous steps involved in coffee production affects the others. This is as much an art as science, since coffee is easily as complex as wine, and everyone perceives taste differently.
And so we are conscientiously learning from our customers, farming partners, and agronomic scientists, to help us contribute to the overall development of the specialty industry within Vietnam. Afterall, specialty coffee is becoming the norm for many, accounting for roughly ⅓ of coffee sold in America. 
Meanwhile, Vietnam’s harvest consists of less than 1% of specialty grade coffee. But if you are willing to experience something new, your impartiality will be rewarded.
The coffees you purchase from Karmic Circle are certified to be of the highest grade. As judged by the Coffee Quality Institute,  the standard-bearer of the Specialty Coffee Movement.
With each crop, Karmic Circle Coffee works directly with Vietnamese coffee farmers to create objective improvements in quality that You can taste.
Vietnam is home to the world’s most efficient coffee farms, but our producer partners favor quality over quantity. Each step of the way pouring meticulous care into the post-harvest processing of their coffee cherries.
Interested in buying our green coffee? Want a sample? Send us your inquires. 
Shipping fee is not included.