Vietnam’s Specialty Coffee Harvest Report 2022

Location: Central Highland of Vietnam. 
Weather Conditions: Less sunny than last year. Coffee will potentially take a bit longer to dry but we can’t conclude just yet since this is just the beginning of the harvest. 
Yields Down:
Robusta yielded less than 20% in comparison to last year’s volume of 60 tons. 
Arabica: Slowly ripening compared to last year. De-pulped at the farm. 10 tons max. production. 
What is New About Operations This Year:
Our Robusta grower upgraded to 36 stainless steel cold fermentation
Hoà Nguyễn of Stone Village Labs (CQI Partner) will assist in scientific quality control with coffee producers. 
Covid 19 social distancing orders remain in effect, limiting labor participation.
Renewed partnership: Specialty Arabica producers Pat and Tam are onboard again (Tam’s image from above).
Biggest Challenge this Year for Vietnam’s Beautiful Central Highlands:
No foreign visitors to visit the origin. But on the other hand, domestic visitors are still able to visit this scenic paradise. 
Inflation and Rainfall are contributors to cost increases.
Rain in the beginning of the harvest did affect the growth of Arabica’s flower. Hence, one of the reasons why we don’t have much supply.
The Central Highlands is much better in term of freedom movement during Covid 19 (less population, fewer restrictions). But supplies are at times limited.
Robusta and Arabica’s quality are better each year due to progression and better farming practices. 
Cost of Arabica cherries: 20,000 VND ($0.88) to  23,000 VND ($1.01)/kg. Cost of Robusta cherries: 14,000 VND ($0.61)/kg


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