Tran’sparency Report 2023 Vietnamese Green Specialty Coffee

The purpose of this report is to keep you, our  Karmic Circle Coffee Co-shippers, informed about the particulars of your coffee and its journey to your door.

The distance between California and Vietnam is over 8,000 miles.

Port of disembarkment: HCMC

Port of discharge: LAX

Estimated transit time: 2-4months

Weather Conditions: Monsoon type

Central Highland Climate: subtropical/temperate

Our Scope of Work: 

We focus on selling Vietnamese coffee seasonally, which means our importation of new crops happens in the U.S between March to July each and every year. We only sell freshly harvested beans and NO SPOT buying purchases.

This year, we generated 1,662 kg from several different U.S roasters, then consolidated them into one shipment to save on costs for all parties.

Our Cost formula: Farm gate prices + percentage of green coffee purchase + % of commission (depending on the amount of your green coffee order). 

This year, we’ve come to further appreciate that cupping score isn’t an end all, be all of desirability. Flavor and aroma, and even texture are so very individualized in their perception. We aim to match the right coffee with the right customer, through transparency in every conceivable way.

Please note: The more you purchase the less you pay in commission.

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