Tran’sparency Report 2021 Vietnamese Green Specialty Coffee

To all who are interested in independently certified Vietnamese Specialty Grade Coffee:

Joining the Karmic Circle Coffee Collective offers you the opportunity to dramatically lower your importation costs, and establish a direct relationship with our farming partners, all overseen by an onsite CQI affiliated quality lab.

We focus on selling Vietnamese coffee seasonally which means we only accept pre-orders from May to August each year. This single shipment model ensures the lowest possible logistics costs.

Estimated transit time: 12 – 70 days

Our current goals: We are working on finding more co-shipping collaborators whose aims are also focused on quality, equity, rationality, pricing transparency in support of emerging origins like the country of Vietnam.

Our Producers:

We are currently working with three Specialty Coffee Producers: Future Farm, Vuong Farm and Lang Biang Coffee Cooperative. These producers have their coffee cupped and q-graded by professionals with the cupping scores publicly attached.

This year has been our 4th year working together. Quality has been entirely consistent year-to-year.

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